Problem with SLEUTH in Cygwin

Dear All,

I am a PhD student in City and Regional Planning Department of Middle East Technical University, Turkey. I want to use SLEUTH urban growth model for Istanbul City-Region but I am experiencing some difficulties on running the model in test mode for my data. My PC is 64 bit EXPER, Intel Core i7-4790 CPU 3.60 GHz with 8.00 GB RAM.

I run the model in Cygwin (32bit) and it worked for demo city in test mode but when I run the model for my data in test mode the system prompted the following message:

main.c 789 pe: 0 Please make sure the following env variables are defined

main.c 791 pe: 0 USER — set to your username

main.c 793 pe: 0 HOST — set to your machines’s name = uname -n

main.c 795 pe: 0 HOSTTYPE — set to your machines’s type such as Sparc, Cray

main.c 797 pe: 0 OSTYPE — set to your machines’s OS type such as Solaris2.7

main.c 799 pe: 0 PWD — set to your current working directory

main.c 817 pe: 0 caught signo SIGSEGV : Invalid storage access

Currently executing function: scen_init

glb_call_stack[1]= scen_init

glb_call_stack[0]= main

I have reviewed all the comments on this discussion board and although there are some entries about the same problem, the comments did not solve my problem. I did not get any LOG file in my output folder therefore I don’t have any clue about the problem. I tried to set the environmental variables but it did not change anything.

I wasn’t able to post in this board therefore I sent an email to Prof. Clarke and he recommended me to invoke Cshell by typing “csh”. I tried both “csh” and “tsch” commands but I didn’t get a new prompt (with percent sign) like:


$ csh


Instead I get the following line and when I run the model I get the same error.


$ csh


Then, I installed Ubuntu 15.10 (64bit) under Oracle VirtualBox and run the model in test mode for democity but this time the model stopped in 4th Monte Carlo iteration and  gave a “buffer overflow detected” warning.

I don’t know what to do now. What could be the problem? Please help me.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,


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