Can SLEUTH model forecast urban density?


I am a student of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and I want to implement the SLEUTH model as part of my diploma thesis.

The question is: if I provide land use of urban density as classes, can the model predict not only the urban sprawl, but also the new urban-density specific areas?

For example, let’s assume that I input an image of 2000 where there are 3 urban density classes: low density in yellow color, medium density in orange and finally hidh density would be red. Then another image of 2010 data, where the 3 urban classes mentioned above would have changed both in location and size. I would like to predict the urban expansion and density change up to 2030, for example. I do not care about other land uses, such as forest or agricultural. Does the model support that kind of function through the deltatron model? Thank you.


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