Problem running Prediction mode in SLEUTH

I have run the test and calibrate mode of the SLEUTH successfully but after running predict mode command it displays error message:-
Please make sure the following env variables are defined
main.c 791 pe: 0 USER — set to your username
main.c 793 pe: 0 HOST — set to your machines’s name = uname -n
main.c 795 pe: 0 HOSTTYPE — set to your machines’s type such as Sparc, Cray
main.c 797 pe: 0 OSTYPE — set to your machines’s OS type such as Solaris2.7
main.c 799 pe: 0 PWD — set to your current working directory
main.c 829 caught signo SIGINT : Interrupt
Currently executing function: stats_edge
glb_call_stack[5]= stats_edge
glb_call_stack[4]= stats_compute_stats
glb_call_stack[3]= grw_grow
glb_call_stack[2]= drv_monte_carlo
glb_call_stack[1]= drv_driver
glb_call_stack[0]= main

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