nice idea David

nice idea David

posted 01-24-2001 04:00 PM
I understand that there used
to be a mailing list ‘grad-b’
that had lively discussion about
the Department and other topics.
This might be a good alternative.
You should include a forum for
non-academic, non-research messages,
and perhaps a forum restricted to
grad students only, like grad-b,
i.e., not readable or visible except
to grad students.

Geo Expert (Moderator)

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  1. posted 01-24-2001 06:04 PM
    Well Matt I think thats a good idea. 🙂 I would need to get permission to do so from Goodchild who had the funds spent on the software.
    As far as private forums. We can have private forums, but I would have to add grad students manually after they registered.

    David Jones

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