patent transfer agency

patent transfer agency

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patent transfer agency
Key words: patent transfer, looking for the patent agency, looking for the pecuniary aid¡£
We want to look for someone who would like to receive our commission to do some mathematics analysis £¬and we can cooperate ¡£
Where submit my homepage?
Directed against the defect of the performance, education and agonistic robot and car with four driving wheels, which need battery for power, pollute the environment and cost too much, can’t function continuously. For example, there was once a report in the HuaShang Newspaper named a pupil spends money like water just for car with four driving wheels written by the journalist Zhang Qi , we invented, designed and made a sort of robot that can continue movement without motive driving battery in flat surface and a power supplying system for car with four driving wheels, and the third prize of creative robot design have already been attained by us in the second nationwide final that held in 2004 concerning information technology innovation and practice campaign for the primary and junior high schools. We have applied for the national invention patent before the publicity of it. In the documentation of patent application, We put forward a new rule in contest of the robot and car with four driving wheels, to limit the deferent electric current or deferent power of this power supply system .No matter a flat surface power supply or orbit power supply or pulling cable power supply it can compare the performance of the vehicle itself justly¡¢fairly ¡¢scientifically¡¢accurately and objectively while using this power supply to put up a robot or motor game .for example , a car with four driving wheels game ,and the evaluation criterion of the performance will be the maximal speed ¡¢ultimate output power and the route it could travel ,no more the contest of battery function. Participants also could participate the creation of the robot vehicle more completely and directly with a larger development and re-creation scope, which makes the contest activity have more technological game¡¯s characters of essence, challenge and competition, and increases technique difficulty, technology level and complexity. The detailed contents are given in the applications of our inventive patent: Chinese patent application number: 200310117544.8.Because we put forward the creative standard of the contest speed of the motor car and creative design project, did actual engineering demonstration system and exploited new space , new concept and new method of the industry robot ,the competition robot and education robot .The new patent application put forward the orientation and driving system. Chinese patent application number: 200410027301.X¡£
According to the report by the XinHua newspaper and ShangHai morning report on January 2 and 3 in 2003. ChengLiangYu and HanZheng ,the Party and government leader of ShangHai city communicated with citizen about their feelings of taking buses .a woman passenger complained that the Perpendicular handle on the bus was installed so high that the short passenger could not use it conveniently, especially women passenger . In the report called counting the fifteen old biggest defects of bus in Beijing , The thousand dragon net reported that facilities in the bus are very inconvenient for short passengers and exorbitant armrest is an enormous test for them . Ms. Huo who is 160 cm high told the reporter that her arm began aching after a journey on bus because the armrest in the bus 115 which she took was too high , and that Mr.Luo who are 1.70 cm came up against the same problem when he took the bus 719.
On 4th in April, the reporter respectively embarked these two road cars, the results show that most passengers are as tall as Ms. and Mr.¡¯s, therefore, Most people have to stretch their arms strenuously so that they could hold the arm-rest inside the car, and it was really more exhausting when you got off after passing four or five stations. Therefore, we invented , designed and made fast flex handle that subway and bus could use, and the second prize of creative robot design have already been attained by us in the second nationwide final that held in 2004 concerning information technology innovation and practice campaign for the primary and junior high schools .We have applied for the national invention patent including ten kinds of constructions among them, Chinese patent application number: 200410027300.5¡£And we have got the Qualifications of attending Japanese teenager¡¯s international invention exhibition that will be held in Tokyo of Japan from 27th on August in 2004 to 30th on August in 2004 and we have entered the final contest, please look at the bulletin column on the net of China information technique education
concerning notice of organizing a group to attend Japanese teenager¡¯s international invention exhibition that will be held in 2004,
concerning letter of inviting the regiment to leave for Japan to attend Japanese teenager¡¯s international invention exhibition
With the support of an Individual proprietorship business enterprise of America in China, We also made a system for hanging the vehicle with a primary component called ripple tube made in china , and we also
have appllied for the national invention patent.
Now we want to look for some support, please take these three works to attend the exhibition in Japan representing the team of Hong Kong and Guang Zhou .we Will hand over our works , diagram paper and explanation. Under the general circumstance, the contestant do not go abroad because it will waste a lot of money and these money can deal with many things.
With the gratuitous long-term and small limited assistance of foreign country We also have made a rapid progress in Correspondence integrated circuit especially in three-dimensional weave .For example, We have weaved sample with special instrument and put forward a few productive methods in industry. According to the novelty and value, we have got some results by way of investigation. Now we want to transfer our technique and look for other¡¯s cooperation and agency because of not having requisite qualifications at home. We have not applied for our patent yet because we can only apply for local patent without any support and the application will be rejected if we do not apply for foreign patent in one year when we are applying for local patent.
For example, in continuous three months in 2003, we had applied for ten China invention patent and withdrew eight duly, four of which deal with three-dimensional display and the other four deal with the hanging system of vehicle. Among them, the design of relating to improving the supermarket handcart goes beyond our consumptive ability in China. The stereoscopic display that is involved among them cannot be commercialized immediately in large scale.
So, now we put forward to look for the pecuniary aid of patent application and cooperation of it. It has been made sure that one hundred contrivances patent we have will be applied for. At present, each patent application of our own include related designs five to ten, if we launch the application, the amount of the patent will be more. This reflects the pursuance to the technical progress .
You are welcome in spite of gratuitous assistance or benevolent endowment or common cooperation (common application).
If you want to contact us, please make the most of traditional mail to mail to:
ZHENG WEIDONG, The Department Of Electronic Engineering, JINAN University, GUANGZHOU , in China .

I just look into the letter with the public computer periodically, only browse it with the electronic dictionary and do not download the letter in order to prevent virus so that whether the mailboxes will jam or cancel can’t be estimated. I often write back in Chinese and deliver my letters using image format in case you will use Chinese system. And I am not good at English.
The E-mail mailbox I use formally is not free so that I do not want to open the relevant address. I will consider offering after receiving your traditional mail and many people¡¯s study.
I can design and invent patent for your enterprise, which will be very important to the development of your enterprise, image and advertisement propaganda. And you will be the applicant.
As to the documentation of patent that has been applied for, we can offer you with Chinese form.

We want to look for someone who would like to receive our commission to do some
mathematics analysis about the car with four drivable wheel and we can cooperate
to finish our thesis signing the same name together . The relevant detailed data
and arithmetic will be given in Chinese .
My personal hobbies are Italian folk song and opera.
Please provide current chemistry material¡¯s name or molecular formula and construction: 1. It¡¯s color will change when it meets the oxygen in the air Please provide another current chemistry material¡¯s name or molecular formula and construction: 2. It will decompose into colorless substances when it meets the colored object with the temperature between 100 to 200 degree
A factory needs a kind of IC of guitar effects processor, please offer some messages about it.

Depart Electr Engineering, JINAN University China

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