questions 3/7

questions 3/7

posted 03-07-2001 05:12 PM
When I read about Gabbard’s 9-month usability study, I wondered how usability studies could possibly keep up with the rapid change of technology and the development of new applications.
How big of an investment for usability studies can we justify? What is the break-even point of investment (money and time) and the potential improvement for an application?

Geo Newbie

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  1. posted 03-07-2001 09:12 PM
    Questions for class 3-7
    Where does the type of study in Gabbard et al. differ from similar ones in the gaming industry? Do they not publish reports? Can one look at the evolution of video games as an analogue to non-gaming environments – from bird’s eye (pong) to emersive (today’s games) and everything in between?

    In order to make virtual environments more cognizable, do we need to incorporate more movement or sensory inputs (sound, sight, and touch) or do we just need to make the visual “better”? This reminds me of the Dilbert-ism – “Think smarter, not faster”

    How is the current generation of kids, who have always known the WWW, going to innovate the idea of cyberspace?

    Geo Newbie

  2. posted 03-08-2001 03:48 PM
    To what extent are our (the classmembers) imaginative mappings of cyberspace byproducts of the fiction mentioned in chapter 10? Do we see the domination of cyberspace by corporations (a la Neuromancer) in the recent change of the Internet from academic/government based to corporate based?

    Geo Newbie

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