posted 02-07-2001 03:29 PM
After reading Andrews’ article “Space, place and interface”, I thought of comparing ‘navigating the web’ with ‘shopping for information.’ We can have everything from doing window shopping (leisurely surfing the web) to grocery shopping (information to function in our daily lives), and christmas shopping (special projects e.g. vacation).
My question then is, why are we trying so hard to find THE perfect interface. I don’t think there will be such thing since too much depends on individual differences and purposes.
On a different note…
What are the things that frustrate us the most when we search/navigate/interact with the web?

Geo Newbie

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  1. posted 02-07-2001 05:26 PM
    From the Tilton & Andrews, I wondered to what extent they had thought about dividing these navigational aids between the browser and the information provided (webpage).
    From the Dodge, he mentions that pages not in search engines are invisible and therefore inaccessable. Isn’t there an important distinction here that he’s overlooking? Additionally, even if search engines don’t index all webpages, they at least allow people to self register, so people (again) have the ability to control the entent to which they are available.

    Geo Newbie

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