Problems running SLEUTH

Problems running SLEUTH

posted 01-02-2010 05:55 AM
Hello everyone,
I just faced a problem when trying to run my test scenario file, which is actually only a modified version of the original demo200 scenario file. It must have something to do with the scenario file I use because the original scenario file in test mode runs proper and sound, but I can’t find out what it is. For my scenario I use other data that is in correct format (although the size of each GIF file is ca. 3000×4000 px and 12MB!) but I think it shouldn’t be the cause. I also checked all paths and file names.

That’s what I get prompted by the system:

main.c 789 pe: 0 Please make sure the following env variables are defined
main.c 791 pe: 0 USER — set to your username
main.c 793 pe: 0 HOST — set to your machines’s name = uname -n
main.c 795 pe: 0 HOSTTYPE — set to your machines’s type such as Sparc, Cray
main.c 797 pe: 0 OSTYPE — set to your machines’s OS type such as Solaris2.7
main.c 799 pe: 0 PWD — set to your current working directory
main.c 817 pe: 0 caught signo SIGSEGV : Invalid storage access
Currently executing function: scen_init
glb_call_stack[1]= scen_init
glb_call_stack[0]= main

I appreciate your help.

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  1. posted 01-12-2010 01:39 PM
    Looks to me like you are trying to allocate too much memory in malloc(). Check the LOG_0 file for any messages, perhaps about the number of grids to use.
    Keith Clarke

    Geo Member

  2. posted 04-07-2010 10:11 AM
    We are getting the same error here when setting “WRITE_COLOR_KEY_IMAGES(YES/NO)=yes” and using the example scenario file in “predict” mode. RAM (2GB free) and Disk (3GB free) do not seem to be the issue here. Any idea what the cause might be?
    Running version SLEUTH3.0beta_p01_linux on a kernel with SMP enabled on a (Athlon X2) platform

    main.c 817 pe: 0 caught signo SIGSEGV : Invalid storage access
    Currently executing function: gdif_WriteColorKey
    glb_call_stack[1]= gdif_WriteColorKey
    glb_call_stack[0]= main

    from the log:

    gdif_obj.c gdif_WriteColorKey 77
    writing GIF ../Output/demo200_pre/key_LANDUSE_COLORMAP.gif
    colortable name=LANDUSE_COLORMAP
    colortable pointer=134919584 rows=256 cols=200

    A quick debug session showed the error occurs when calling gdImageGif (im_out, fp); in void gdif_WriteGIF (GRID_P gif, struct colortable *colortable, char fname[],char date[], int date_color_index).

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  3. posted 04-11-2010 12:18 AM
    Does the directory into which you are writing exist? See the OUTPUT_DIR in the Scenario file.

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